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Michael E. Gleason

Design Philosophy

It is truly the architects obligation to preserve the spirit of the game. I believe that pure, natural landforms and straight forward golfing strategies are the keys to a successful golf course. A sense of the character of the surrounding terrain should contribute to the ultimate outcome of the design. Simple and elegant lines flowing through the landscape, accentuating every positive aspect the land has to offer. I strive to produce designs that explore the contrast between the long rolls of the fairway and the more intricate mounding at the greens complex. My emphasis is on creating choices and providing a reward for those who choose to take a risk.

Creating a journey that provides one the opportunity to feel the thrill of golf, as well as the agony, is not an easy task. Offering choices places the outcome of a shot, good or bad, in the hands of the player. Eventually, we come to realize that one cannot truly appreciate the pleasures of golf, until they endure its pain.


Gleason Golf Course Design

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